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Get up on time and avoid the risk of running late with the help of these simple and convenient digital alarm clocks that come with USB charging.

Alarm clocks are an absolute necessity in this busy lifestyle. Whether you need to wake up early for your job or have set new fitness goals that include an early morning workout, having an alarm clock that will wake you up on time comes to be of great help. Although you can very well use your phone for this purpose, having a proper digital alarm clock is always better. With such alarm clocks, you get many attractive features, and they also increase the aesthetic value of your bedside table with their attractive design. Digital alarm clocks that come with USB charging are convenient to use and give you a long-lasting performance. Read below to know more about some of the top digital alarm clocks with USB charging available on Amazon.

ThreeH plastic projection alarm clock

This ThreeH plastic projection alarm clock comes with a radio function that allows you to listen to your favourite FM channels while going to sleep or immediately after you wake up. This will help you sleep better and wake up cheerful. It comes with a time projector that enables it to project the time on the ceiling or on the wall with a red light so that you can clearly see the time anywhere in your room. The clock’s snooze button is located in the centre for easy access.

Bulfyss USB rechargeable digital alarm clock

This Bulfyss USB rechargeable digital alarm clock gives a multifunctional use by featuring many functions like snooze, nightlight, temperature, calendar, and voice adjust, which means that you no longer need to charge the clock frequently; you will get a month of use from the clock after a single charge. The elegant design of this clock that includes a super big display will look attractive on your bedside table.

JALL wooden digital alarm clock

The JALL wooden digital alarm clock looks elegant. It supports wireless charging for supported smartphones that allows you to simply place your phone on the alarm clock and charge it. It features a LED light that comes with multiple brightness level adjustments running from low to high, which you can set according to your convenience and preference. It comes in a stylish wooden design that should easily fit with your room’s decor.

Mesqool 11.5 digital alarm clock

This Mesqool 11.5 digital alarm clock is equipped with an indoor temperature monitor that enables it to detect the temperature accurately and display it on the large LED display screen so that you can view both time and room temperature on the same device. The LED display comes with different brightness levels that you can choose according to the surrounding light conditions and your comfort. This allows you to sleep without disturbing glares in your bedroom. The clock can be either placed on your bedside table or mounted on the wall according to your preference. 


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